Greyhounds use More Muscles than other Canines ...

18.04.2017 21:40

A greyhound carries 55% of their bodyweight in muscle (compared to 45% in other breeds) and here are some important anatomical and physiological points to consider:

Two thirds of the body is carried on the front limbs, one third on the hind limbs. This forward gravity effect aids acceleration.
Muscles on the hind limb are larger and thus produce more power and strength.
The forelimbs have 80% steering function, 20% speed, with an important weight bearing and shock absorbing function.
Most limb extension is immediately prior to weight bearing, most flexion when the limb is in the air. Therefore the extensor muscles are stronger than flexor.
In addition to flexors and extensors, abductors and adductors contribute to limb movement, a complex interaction of a number of different muscles.


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